11 week puppy won't potty outside

Discussion in 'Labrador Puppies' started by Em&Cara, Dec 31, 2021.

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    Dec 31, 2021
    Puppy has been home for 5 days (he's 11 weeks old) and potty training isn't going at all well. He refuses to wee or poop outside (I think he's managed both twice). Admittedly the weather hasn't been great but I've tried a pee post, I've tried different surfaces as a designated area and also just letting him choose, but nothing.

    He sometimes makes signs that suggest he needs to go (sometimes this can be immediately after waking/eating/drinking/playing and other times no poop until 90 mins after dinner so very inconsistent), other times I take him out because he must need to but we can be out there up to 45mins but nothing until he sets for back inside.

    Inside the house he shreds puppy pads and gets quite distressed if I contain him in the utility room until he goes. Instead he prefers to go in random locations around the open plan living space.

    Can anyone help with some advice please, I'm out of ideas to get him into a more regular pattern and outside!
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    It will be very confusing for him if you are using puppy pads inside the house. Either you want him to toilet inside, or you want him to toilet outside. You really do need to stay outside with him until he goes, even if it takes an hour or more. It's the only way you can be clear about what is required.
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