13 month Labrador has started regressing in behaviour...

Discussion in 'Labrador behaviour' started by FlynnsFriend, Jun 28, 2022.

  1. FlynnsFriend

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    Jan 31, 2022
    I have a 13 month old labrador called Flynn, who is the apple of my eye but has not been the easiest pup to raise. He is lovely and doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body, but is very excitable, friendly and strong! He hit the teenage phase hard and fast last year, and I'm sure he's still going through it although we seem to go through ups and downs. Lately we have hit a down - he's been tricky to train to walk nicely on the leash, and often lunges forwards to get at other dogs, or when he picks up a scent. I have been religiously training him for pulling on the leash for months, and he does sometimes walk nicely although it seems like it's not getting through to him, as his default is to pull and he is really, REALLY strong. I try and be as patient as possible, but sometimes it feels like I'm fighting a losing battle.

    These last few weeks in particular he's really been bad with his behaviour. We're not sure if it's the heat (he is quite a fluffy lab) that is making him act this way, or just his age. We want to let him run off some steam, but his recall is patchy (we're working on this too with training) and he also has a really awful habit of barging into people, and knocking down someone in the park is the last thing we want! Any advice would be appreciated, or even just reassurance that all of this is completely normal and will pass, as long as we stick at it with the training. I often feel like a failure that he isn't responding well to training, and worry that the behavioural issues won't improve in time, so to hear from anyone who has had similar experiences would be hugely helpful.
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    Aug 4, 2022
    My 14 month old has regressed massively. I made a thread about it above a minute ago. No idea why as I thought we were getting better but it's got much worse again. Its so disappointing.

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