17 Month Old Excited Barking is a Challenge to Control

Discussion in 'Labrador behaviour' started by MinersDad, Jan 11, 2022 at 3:50 PM.

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    We have a happy, healthy, loving, impulsive, goofy 17 month old black lab...sounds familiar, right? Our primary behavioral issue with him is his excessive barking for attention. He sometimes does it just when the immediate family is around, but he ALWAYS barks excessively when visitors come. He is not nervous, aggressive or experiencing any health issues. This is pure EXCITEMENT. But the problem is...it will last for hours...and its deafening. He will literally leave your ears ringing. We have tried distraction methods like bones and toys when he stops barking, and also ignoring him. We are definitely guilty of giving him attention when he is barking as it's just been too overwhelming not to take him for a walk or give him something to chew just so we can hear again. But how do we stop it? When it is just members of the household, we can ignore him easily. But when family or visitors come, you can't even speak to one another because he is barking so loud, you can't even think. It's a frustrating experience for our visitors when we simply say, "just stand here quietly and ignore him...for the next several hours." We have tried for months now to break this behavior by ignoring him...but he is dedicated to the cause. Please provide any solutions that worked for you all :) PS - the only deterrents we tried are an e-collar with a bark distraction setting - he just ignored that. We have not tried noise deterrents (like rattling the coin jar) because...my understanding is that is more harm than good. Thanks!

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