6mo old Labrador mix aggressive towards a puppy

Discussion in 'Labrador behaviour' started by Rasbet1999, Dec 19, 2022.

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    Nov 22, 2022
    I am looking for feedback/advice on a situation we had today. I have looked back and did not see a post of a similar situation.

    My 6 mo old Choc lab/Golden retriever mix (he is ALL lab in behavior) became aggressive towards a much younger puppy at the dog park. We walked in, they did their sniffs and he immediately started barking, growling, and snapping. It was not his normal "play" talk... He can be vocal while playing.

    He is normally (overly) friendly with everyone, and fairly submissive. His play style can be rough, and he likes to wrestle, but only when reciprocated. He will "listen" well to older dogs.

    The only issues we have ever had at the park before are: 1 dog that plays to rough with him. We always leave if he comes. Last week A dog he plays well with somehow hurt him (he yelped), and responded by growling and snapping (The one and only other time I've seen any aggression from him. we left Immediately). He can struggle to read puppy body language and I've had to remove him a couple times when he is to rough ( in play not aggressively) with smaller ones who keep coming back to play after giving a done signal.

    I know dog parks are controversial, but it is the only place he can run off leash so I'd like to deal with this before the problem grows.

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