Best Carrier or Backpacks for early Labrador socialization?

Discussion in 'Products and supplies for puppies' started by AnnieR, Jan 4, 2022.

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    Jan 4, 2022
    Hi all,

    New lab puppy owner here, we're on day 5 with our Luna, who's a choco lab!

    She screeched the whole way home in the travel crate, but has since calmed down at night and when we shut her in for short periods of times, which is great. My worry is that the travel crate is enclosed, top and bottom, with only the front door, and there might be a better option for travel that allows her to feel less shut in.

    Equally, we are wanting to take her out with us for bursts to make sure she sees and experiences a lot - we tried getting her in an old backpack but no dice, it doesn't feel secure enough & she forced her way out of the zips - we purchased a sling from Amazon but similarly it didn't feel at all secure.

    Does anyone have recommendations for a backpack or sling for an 8-10 week old lab, one that's secure and she can't just force her way out of? Or can it work with any and there's just a knack to getting her to calm down?



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