Clicker train to stop jumping up

Discussion in 'Clicker Training' started by Mollly, Dec 23, 2013.

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    Nov 8, 2013
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    I start with a little boast (I'm a new Mum, I'm allowed!).

    Molly is 13 weeks. She is clean and dry through the night, and asks to go outside to the loo. She has learnt the sit, give paw (a party trick I know, but it gives her something to do), wait and lay and, of course the important release word "ok". I use both hand signals and the command.

    Walking on the lead is not great, but we are improving. I get the impression that she is so totally focused on the food that she knows is in my pocket that she isn't paying attention to me, and we progress everywhere in a series of leaps. Would clicker training help with this, before I loose a finger to the teeth that regularly flash by me?

    My big problem is the jumping up, which I know is typical puppy behaviour. I have spent 5 weeks ignoring it, turning my back on it etc to no avail and I'm fed up with it. Can I use a clicker to train her out of it. If all I get from the clicker is this one thing I will be more than happy.

    Strange thing, she doesn't jump up at my husband or lay her teeth on him. Why does she pick on me, the one who feeds her, trains her, plays with her etc.

    There is no malice or aggression in the teeth. I have had my hand in that mouth enough times, as I try to remove yet another totally unsuitable item, to appreciate just how sharp those little teeth are. And have watched her crunch up appropriate things to know that she could do me a lot of damage if she chose.

    I am thoroughly enjoying the Labrador site. The advice from the experienced Labrador owners is invaluable and discovering that you are experiencing the same problems as others and you are not the worst and most incompetent dog owner in the Universe is very comforting.

    Happy Christmas to you all and Good Luck with the Christmas Trees. Mine is several feet in the air and as far back in the bay window as it will go
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    Jun 15, 2013
    Re: Clicker train to stop jumping up

    You sound to be doing great! Well done. She sounds just lovely.

    I struggled with the no jumping up thing. Using a clicker did help. I'd get people to stand stock still and I'd click and treat - rapidly, for quite a while, for paws on the ground. It worked, but not completely. It worked mainly on the people I'd trained on. Which wasn't unhelpful. My cleaner, for example, is now safe.

    He would still jump up time to time though. Not a lot. It tended to be at people who he found exciting. One of my friends used to make a big fuss of him, and he'd jump up at her. The dog walker - because she meant a run out etc.

    Now, I must stop him jumping up - he is going to have an operation on his back leg and jumping up would be really, really bad after the operation. So I do this:

    I have a lead on Charlie, and I'm stood at the back of the kitchen. Exciting person comes in front door, I C&T for Charlie keeping his feet still. If he moves, I say "no, no" (so the person can hear he has moved) and person goes back out of the door. Then person comes into sight. C&T for feet still. Person takes one step, C&T for feet still. If Charlie moves his feet, person takes a step back. etc. etc. Until the person walks right up to Charlie, and pretends to have a conversation with me. And so on.

    It took 3 goes for the dog walker to be able to walk up to him without him moving, and another 3 for the exciting friend, and just 2 for my dad. I'm roping everyone in now. And no-one, no-one at all, gets to him without this routine.

    Next week, I'll try to do it with him off lead, but behind a barrier and then progress until I can say "sit" and he won't move as people walk up to him.

    It's a really faff, and I wish I'd been stricter when he was tiny. But it is working. I have no choice but to be 100% consistent with it though, as the future of his quality of life depends on me being able to control him after he has had his operation. I'm not sure I would have the motivation to do this otherwise. (I'm not too fussed by a dog that jumps up only time to time, it's when dogs do it repeatedly I find it annoying).
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    Aug 30, 2013
    Re: Clicker train to stop jumping up


    I have two black labs brothers.

    They aren't too bad at jumping up at people as they are very nervous of strangers so would rather stay away ;). However they do jump up at work tops etc.

    I found after I'd clicker trained the sit stay it helped with training them not to jump up. I tell them sit and C&T for continuous sitting.

    Having two makes a lot of things harder but with this it's actually easier. Rachael said clicker training two I might get them competing to see who gets the C&T first and they do. If one moves from the sit to jump
    up I C&T the one who is still sat as he is doing the right thing. Its amazing how quickly the other catches on. ;D


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