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    Feb 8, 2016
    Last to sessions we have really done well with distractions, me and Sunni!

    I think its probably mostly due to my confidence. Recently I have been working on heeling a lot with him, and since he is such a drivey dog, it gives me a lot of pride, so it makes me feel much better in sessions when working on it, especially since he is the most enthusiastic dog in the class ^^

    Of course, he is still very hyper, and still gets very overstimulated in the sessions, but we have been managing to get through better.

    However, he is also obsessive as anything, and has a fascination with the corner of the room because he found a toy there once, and the toys are also kept inside a closet near to that corner. So that does offer a lot of distractions.

    Also, before I was told off for squeaking a toy between sessions, if anyone remembers that. Well, last session, someone else brought a squeaky toy into the session, and it really caused problems with my dog, and guess what? Not a single person mentioned it to her!
    Even though my squeaks didn't cause a reaction with any dog, her toys were a problem for me and no one mentions a thing... and I can't say anything because its extremely hypocritical...

    But yeah, he is still a little bit of a nightmare dog (not really haha), such an easily excited boy. When we do the send away (to bed right now), while all the other dogs are normal and go to the bed in a calm fashion, he starts bouncing and is just so intense towards the bed, and runs at it at full speed scrambling across the slippery floor to get to it! Though he always has to give it a good sniff before turning back towards me to listen.
    Anyone know how you can fix that? Its a little annoying...

    He also two weeks ago laid down to stare at the corner because he wants to be rewarded with the corner (lol), last week he didn't do that, but I'll have to keep an eye on it, because apparently he fails the test if he does that.

    Also, I am wondering if I am doing alright with the heel training. Currently I have taught him to stick a little to my side, and have also been luring him with treats, which gives a nice, high drive, prancy walk besides me, but I am a little concerned where to go from there.
    Sunni seems to be telling me he knows what to do now by being a little reluctant to follow the hand and wants to do heeling without the hand (geez, smart dog, the next step in training tricks always involves slowly removing the hand, and this time he is trying to do that himself), and has been doing alright so far, so I am thinking I should trust him and continue to drop treats for him when he does it well, but I am worried he will loose some of his prance if we progress too soon before he has fully grasped it, but he is telling me he has grasped it already...

    However, this involves holding the treat where I want him to look, but out of his face, aka, holding the treat up in the air. However, in the classes, they want me to hold the treat in the usual obedience place which is by my side. I don't think thats a huge problem, as he doesn't mind that, especially since he is drunk on excitement in sessions (not that he isn't enthusiastic at home, he just thinks a little less in sessions), but it makes me think if its a huge problem training it so I do not have the hand on my hip?
    He is currently doing brilliantly with heeling with a lot of drive and enthusiasm, and I have done a new approach to the finishes (pivoting on a stool/wobble cushion) which he loves and is launching himself around to my side, so everything is looking good.

    His stops could do with some more work though, theyre getting better, but I guess I also have not been spending as much time as I should on them. The main thing is building his drive to actually stop, which I think I have figured a way to do possibly.
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    Mar 22, 2014
    I know you posted this ages ago, but because I was away I missed seeing it, so thought I'd respond now.
    I wonder if things have changed since you posted? I'm working at competition obedience classes with Molly and some things seem to resolve really quickly whereas others take longer. For example the quality (position) and speed of her sit improved very quickly by using a clicker, whereas a controlled stand (rather than a bounce up) is still a work in progress.

    Re your remark about heelwork, do you think you want a 'prancy' walk? I've been watching a lot of Cruft's obedience videos on YouTube of beginners and grade A and the important thing seems to be to have your dog close and at a consistent distance from you all the time, rather than that rather odd gait that some collies seem to show. Normal hand position for the heel seems to be hand on hip because that's where you want the dog's nose to be, rather than stretching up higher.

    Good luck, I'll be interested to hear how it's going.

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