1. colin ferguson

    colin ferguson Registered Users

    Apr 26, 2022
    Please Please
    I have a 9 month male dog he is great with my other 2 smaller dogs
    Problem is he wont stop pulling and lunging when walking
    We have tried a cannie head collar No Joy
    a Gentle Leader No Joy
    Front Clipped harness No Joy
    It has got so bad we are nearly giving up on him is there any help anyone
    could give me PLEASE a neighbour suggested a prong collar but is that the last option
    Please can some one help its a very desperate call for help as we have tried all
    but just cant get him to walk with out trying to lunge and constant pulling he will only
    walk if he is 2 yards in front then before bling he is 4/5 yards in front pulling
  2. J.D

    J.D Registered Users

    May 9, 2019
    Hampshire UK
    This group does not advocate the use of pronged collars. Please find a force free behaviourist to help you. Lot of treats and rewards needed not punishment.
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