Introducing puppy to young children

Discussion in 'Labrador Puppies' started by MacushlaLabrador, Jan 13, 2022 at 5:47 PM.

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    Jan 1, 2022
    We have a 10-week old lab puppy who has now been with us for two weeks. Things are going very well. She will sit and down, is happy in her crate when it is necessary. Sleeps in a crate next to our bed from 9PM until 6AM. 2 days a week I care for my 2 1/2-year old grandson. The puppy, Macushla, thinks Kieran is another puppy! Licking and nipping, rolling and tugging on clothing. As she would have played with her littermates. Kieran is now uncomfortable being in the same room as Macushla. How can I help them both? Also, tomorrow, Friday the 14th, my two grandchildren from out of town are coming to visit to meet Macushla. Their ages are 9 and 6. How can I prepare them to meet Macushla? There have been zero signs of aggression, just exuberance on the part of Macushla. She is being socialised with other dogs and humans.

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