Mast cell tumour diagnosis

Discussion in 'Labrador health' started by J.D, May 9, 2019.

  1. J.D

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    May 9, 2019
    Hampshire UK
    So glad Johnny recovered well from his surgeries. You will be glad that is all behind you. They have just started letting us back into the vets here in the Uk.
    Is Maggie’s skin condition allergy related?
  2. Athena

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    Jun 13, 2018
    NE coast, USA
    Yes we think her skin problem is allergy related. The most irritating thing was the minute I got the specialist appointment her skin started to improve and still continues to do so. We can visit our regular vet with masks and social distancing but the specialist at the vet school involves handing the dog off and then speaking by phone from the parking lot. I should be grateful we're past summer when it was burning hot.

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