New owners foods for puppies advice?

Discussion in 'Products and supplies for puppies' started by vee2021, Jun 6, 2021.

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    Jun 1, 2021
    Hi Guys,

    Our puppy is now 10 weeks old absolutely adorable and a rebel when he has his zoomies moments, we wanted abit of guidance on foods we were given a bag of Arden Grange puppy large breed we’ve been giving him those but was looking at giving him a variety or changing the food, we’ve seen wainwright dry food from pets at home however we’ve been advised that the type of foods given can additional E numbers like preservatives or added sugars which isn’t good for him and makes him more hyper.

    As we’re new owners we want to make sure we’re giving him the right types of foods that’s beneficial to him and would like abit of advice what other types of food brands we can be using which is better for Labradors?

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