PHOTO COMPETITION 2017: Rules and conditions

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    [​IMG] It's competition time!!!

    Welcome to The Labrador Forum's brand new photo competition.

    In keeping with the season, the theme of our competition is Dogs At Play!

    You will have until July 31st to submit your pictures. After that we will close the thread and let judging commence!

    There will be two categories – Best Photo and Best Photo from a Mobile Device. We will create a separate thread for each category, to post your entries.

    I have listed a few conditions of entry below. Please read them carefully before posting.

    Conditions of entry
    By entering a photo into the threads below you agree that:

    1) You took the photo
    This competition is for you, our forum members. So no sneaking in photos by Nick Ridley

    2) The photo copyright belongs to you.
    If you took the photograph, the copyright is usually automatically yours until and unless you sell it or give it away. Obviously, if you were employed by someone to take the photo, that might not be the case. Please do not enter if you are unsure who owns the copyright of your photo!

    3) The photo has not previously been entered and placed in a competition.

    4) You are happy for the photo to be featured on The Labrador Site and/or The Labrador Site's Facebook Page

    If you win or are a runner up, we may want to include your photo in an article or post about our competition


    1) Maximum of 2 entries per forum member

    2) Photos must be embedded so we can all see them without clicking on a link.

    3) No photoshopping or captions

    4) Each photo must contain at least one dog

    5) At least one of the dogs in the photo must be your own.

    6) You must chose which category to enter, you can't enter the same photo in both.

    Hope these are fairly straightforward and clear.

    And now it's time to begin!
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