Puppy potty training... help?

Discussion in 'Labrador Training' started by Gemini_927, Jul 10, 2019.

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    Jul 10, 2019
    My husband and I got our first puppy from a pet store a couple weeks ago. He was 10 weeks old when we got him, and I dont think he had ever been outside before he came home with us. We take him outside whenever he starts sniffing around or running in circles like he does when he is about to relieve himself, but as soon as he is outside, he doesnt go. I can spend an hour or more outside with him and he still wont go potty. Then as soon as he gets back in the house, he immediately pees or poops on the floor. I've never had a puppy that just WILL NOT go outside and I dont know what I can do to encourage him to go. I cant keep spending hours outside just for him to go as soon as he comes back in the house. Any advice..?
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    Hi @Gemini_927

    Welcome to the forum.

    Several things to try.

    1. Have your puppy on a house line when you take him outside. No playing. Just wait. Stay in the one spot. Reward with food jackpots if and when he urinatesin that one spot in the garden.
    2. Clean the area inside with enzyme cleaner. You have to eliminate any scent of previous urination.
    3. Crate train your puppy. If you can't be monitoring him while inside, then pop him in the crate.
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    Welcome to the forum. And congratulations on your new puppy. Potty training can take a while to get established but all that time spent outside now will pay off in the long run. He's holding out because he isn't used to emptying himself outside. He can't last forever though! You will win :). You can try crating, cuddling or tethering your pup to you for short periods of time when you want to come indoors until you get a result outside. Lots more help and ideas here too: https://www.thelabradorsite.com/house-training-your-labrador-puppy/

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