Puppy Socialization

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    Jul 18, 2016
    Hello all, I am new here. I just bought a chocolate lab (Remi) and got to bring her home at 8 weeks. Things seem to be going great however I am concerned about puppy socialization. I currently have a 1 year old Chihuahua (Bella) who has never been around other dogs before. Now that I got our lab puppy, Bella barks and growls at Remi all of the time. At first I figured they were getting to know each other but going into 2 weeks of this it almost seems like maybe Bella is trying to be mean to her and I have noticed Remi gets very hyper and tries to chase Bella, nips back, barks/growls right back. I am worried that Bella's behavior is rubbing off on Remi. I have read that labs growl and she is in her puppy biting stages which is all very normal. I just don't want Bella to ruin the important weeks of puppy socialization for Remi. Apart the 2 of them are very calm and quiet and Remi is doing great around other family members and our neighbors dog. Does anyone have any tips or advice? Or if this is normal puppy/dog behavior. Thank you and appreciate any advice given.

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