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Discussion in 'Raw Feeding' started by Vika, Feb 13, 2018.

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    Hello! I've got both my dogs on the BARF diet but I've got some concerns about the portions I'm feeding them? My boy Padfoot is a lab/newfie mix and my girl Korra is a German Shepherd, if the breeds matter in this.

    So my boy is done growing, he's a small guy at 60 lbs, and I'm currently feeding him a pound and a half, plus a bone every other day, in the hopes that it'll keep him at the weight he's at now. My girl is two and is also 60 lbs, but she's still filling out so I've been giving her 3 lbs, including the bone.

    Am I feeding either of them too much? A few things I've read have said to feed 5% of the body weight if the dog is still growing, and 2% to 3% if I want to maintain their weight. I just want to make sure I'm not overfeeding Korra, or underfeeding Padfoot. I've been trying to stick to the 80/10/5/5 diet, but I'm very new to this and am still trying to figure out a good balanced diet for them
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    Hi and welcome. Every dog is different and the guidelines are just that - guidelines. It depends very much on the dog's activity levels and individual metabolism. The best way to judge the perfect amount is by looking at their stools (frequency, consistency) and their body. If they are looking too ribby, you need to add more food. If you can't feel their ribs without applying any pressure, then you need to reduce the amount.

    Here is a thread containing a guide on body shape, applicable to both your breeds:

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    Hi and welcome! I second @snowbunny 's post and also want to add not to stress too much about getting each meal "balanced" or even feeding the exact same amounts at each meal.

    When I started BARF, there wasn't all the prepared stuff you could buy or a lot of guidelines (or even internet forums about it), so I have a more relaxed attitude of balancing over 3-5 days, not each meal. Also I fed a lot of varied things depending on what I could get that week at the store.

    It helped me to think about what humans consider a healthy diet - unless you were an athlete with world-class aspirations, you probably wouldn't worry about precisely measuring your protein balances for each meal, but you should be aware of what is a healthy level for your age and weight. And the way your jeans fit probably tells you more about if you should be adding or reducing too. Not that I practice that personally, you understand, just that I know what I SHOULD be doing nutrition-wise. ;)

    Just sharing that as it helped me chill out about the whole thing. The most important thing for me was to source good quality food and keep an eye on my dog's weight and...er...stool "output". :D
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