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Really good quality crate

Discussion in 'Products for dogs & their owners' started by JAYMZ, Mar 2, 2019.

  1. JAYMZ

    JAYMZ Registered Users

    Mar 12, 2015
    Could anyone please recommend a really good quality crate for my spaniel?

    Monty is 4 now and has a really excellent, sturdy metal crate. Bars are probably 1.5-2mm. The hinges are good and everything is solid. My parents gave it to me and can’t remember where they got it from.

    Lucy, the new pup, is now 10 months and we’ve progressed from little puppy crates to her adult size one. They’ve all been budget ones from Pets at Home and have been fine. Up till her adult crate, that is. I wanted a good one similar to Monty’s so bought a “Premium” crate online. It’s absolute garbage, flimsy and falling apart. It is exactly the same as the standard Pets at Home one. It was from doggiesolutions.

    So, I’d like to get another, forever crate!

    Any recommendations welcome.


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