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  1. labl0ver

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    Jul 11, 2018
    HI, Cooper my 7month old lab is looking for a well made retractable lead, didn't much like the looks of the Pets At Home ones, any one offer any advice or suppliers ?
    Coopers Dad
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    Mar 19, 2019
    North Yorkshire
    For what do you intend to use it?
    Retractable leads can teach a dog to pull on the lead. Normally when we teach a dog to walk on the lead, any pressure on the lead means stop, we are not going anywhere. The spring on the retractable leads needs pressure to operate meaning that the dog always has to pull against it which is counterintuative to what they have learned to walk to heel.
    They obviously shouldn't be used near roads (though obviously there are people who don't realise this; I had to dodge around a spaniel which hopped off the pavement just yesterday!).
    If you are wanting to use while you teach a solid recall, you may be better with a long line.
    Just my thoughts.
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