Seeking Solution for Car Seat Covers

Discussion in 'Products for dogs & their owners' started by msuggs2019, Jan 29, 2020.

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    Jul 19, 2019
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    Does anyone know of a good back seat cover for cars that also covers the floor? I've had a hammock style seat protector and the buckle straps that connected it to the front seats ripped straight out the fabric.

    I've been eyeing a seat protector on Amazon that covers the back seat, goes down to the floor boards, and then up the back of the front seats ( The only problem with it is that it's only water resistant and not waterproof. Does waterproof versus water resistant make that much of a difference? They aren't getting in the car wet 24/7. Only rare trips when they get to go swim in the pond and we towel dry them afterwards anyway.
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