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Discussion in 'Labrador health' started by Amanda1252, Sep 8, 2021.

  1. Amanda1252

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    Sep 17, 2020
    My pup is 14 months old and she is having soft poo's all the time and is often very gassy.

    I feed her 320g of cold pressed Platinum chicken and rice 135g twice a day and 50g for lunch (some of this allowance is also used for training). I have wondered if I am maybe feeding her too much however she is already on the lean side at only 23.7kg and is maintaining her weight so I don't really want to reduce it any further.

    She also gets a stuffed kong with some fruit/veg such as carrot and apple mixed with some yogurt each day. Even withholding this her poos are still soft.

    She mainly has just one poo a day first thing on a morning and sometimes when she is out running she may have a very small runny one (I read this could be excitement).

    I have decided to gradually change her food to James well beloved Turkey and rice to see if this helps, started last night and todays poo was even worse. I suppose this is normal and I need to persevere?

    She is otherwise fit and healthy with loads of energy.

    Has anyone else had this issue and managed to overcome it?

    Any advise or suggestions are welcome.
  2. J.D

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    May 9, 2019
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    The only thing that helped mine was switching to raw using Nutriment complete meals and adding some raw veg for something to chew. With raw there is so much less waste that is easy to pick up. If you are going to switch anyway it would be worth looking into.
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  3. Chris N

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    Jul 30, 2021

    Just looked that food up. Lol

    Is it what the breeder had them on?

    Generally the ingredients seen ok. Chicken and rice are easily digested with very little waste.
    Will explain he once a day thing.
    Did raise an eye brow at the liquorice but it probably makes up less than 0.05%.

    Brewers yeast. Generally not bad for dogs digestion. It does have it's benefits. Very high on the ingredients list meaning there is a lot
    Some dogs it can have the opposite effect on the digestion.

    May be worth checking.
  4. Ivypup

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    Aug 16, 2021
    Have a look at raw feeding... Nutriment, Natural Instinct. My 10 week old pup had very soft poo and lots of it... Changed to raw within 24hrs normal poo...2 weeks later 3 normal poos in 24hrs.

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