SPARCS three-day FREE online conference

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    I've just seen this.

    It starts tomorrow. Everything is free, no registration required. Watch live streams or it will be recorded to watch back later.

    The sessions are:

    - Evolution and Genetics of a Close Friendship: More questions than answers
    - 30,000 Years of Artificial Selection: What genomics tells us about canine domestication and the human animal bond
    - Panel Discussion

    - New Research into the Genetics of Canine Behavior
    - Citizen Science, Pet Dogs and the Complex Genomics of Behavior
    - Panel Discussion

    - Impacts of Canine Behavioral Genetics on Human Canine Relationships
    - Genetics is Not Predestination: The importance of experience from before birth through socialization
    - Panel Discussion

    Some potentially very interesting topics for the geeks in the room!

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