The Stop Whistle

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    Re: The Stop Whistle

    Have you got any tips on reinforcing the stop at a further distance? Poppy will stop no problems at up to around 50m distance, but after that she is beyond my control as regards the stop. My feeling is to train this further with two marks thrown by a helper, with one dummy being thrown quite close to the helper. I send the dog to the first mark, stop her en route, and redirect to the second mark. (If she doesn't stop, the helper can step on the dummy, so there is no reward for her. If all goes well, LOTS of praise, and then send again to the first mark - this then repeated 5 - 10 meters further away. Does this sound ok? And does anyone have any tips on training this without a helper?
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    I train alone most of the time. I train mostly for retriever hunt tests (triple marks and blind retrieves).
    I like to have my lab running out in a hay field and then give a sit whistle. The instant the lab turns
    and sits I throw her a mark and verbally release her. This conditions pup to anticipate and enjoy the
    sit whistle
    and also get good at marks thrown from a variety of distances.

    With pups, timing is important. I introduce the sit whistle the instant pup is starting to sit...

    Also sometimes a retriever running through tall grass or shallow water or on a windy day will
    not hear the sit whistle at longer distances:

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