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    I was just wondering this. It's unlikely something I'd even have to think about for my own dogs, but I'm still interested. How do you train them to deal with wounded game? It must be very different to picking up a dead bird. Do you just make sure only very experienced dogs are sent for wounded ones, and these have enough retrieves under their belts that they just deal with a potentially wriggling bird as it would a dead one?
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    I've asked this of several people over the years....

    The upshot of all those discussions was basically that you try not to overface a young or inexperienced dog. Having experienced dogs around to pick a cock runner late in the season for example when they might put up a fight is a good idea.

    At some point though you have to let them try......

    Many injured birds hunker down and hope they'll be missed. Riley isn't bold and I still wouldn't be sure he'd be determined enough to pick a bird that fought back. He's picked many injured but not dead birds which is exactly what he's out there for as regards the ethics of going shooting.
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