About Us

The Labrador Forum was founded in 2011 by author Pippa Mattinson with the aim of helping Labrador owners train and enjoy their pets.

In 2017 the forum became a part of Red Cat Media Ltd. An online publishing company founded by Pippa and her daughter Lucy Easton.

An important part of Red Cat Media's mission is to help promote positive reinforcement training animal training and to raise awareness of health issues caused by poor breeding practices in companion animals

Over the years, the forum has embraced many other breeds of dog and is now a supportive community of dog parents from around the world


The Labrador Forum is owned by Red Cat Media Ltd, Registered Office: Maxwell & Co Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditors,The Granary, Hones Yard, 1 Waverley Lane, Farnham, Surrey, United Kingdom,GU9 8BB