14 Months old puppy back to peeing in the house..

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by Gus-Bus, Dec 14, 2021.

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    May 26, 2021
    Meath, Ireland
    Hey there,

    Our 14 months old Labrador Gus has reverted in the last few weeks to peeing in the house, he was fully trained early on and has been checked over by the vet, they even put him on a course of antibiotics a month ago just to be on the safe side, and although he was better for a while he's reverted to peeing in the house. He gets plenty of breaks, and will scratch to go out, but then will randomly squat and pee all over the kitchen floor. He doesn't like the cold weather or the grass but it doesn't stop him going out to do his No. 2?! Any suggestions? No other symptoms, good form, great appetite..
    Would welcome any advise? he was nuetered at 1 year but this started before then.

    thanks, Helen
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    Mar 19, 2019
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    If the vet has ruled out any medical issues, then I would go back to basics and treat him like the 8 week old puppy you brought home; take him out for a wee every time he wakes, has been fed, has been playing, or every hour if none of these have occurred in the last hour.
    I would also assume (maybe wrongly) that he is fed kibble. Kibble fed dogs do tend to drink A LOT more and therefore , wee a lot more.

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