15 year old Labrador barking all the time!

Discussion in 'Senior Labradors' started by Mais, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. Mais

    Mais Registered Users

    Jun 14, 2020
    I wonder if anyone can give us some advise please.
    We can't seem to find out why he is barking so much, he has been on pain killers for his arthritis for a number of years and we have in the last week increased his dosage at his breakfast and dinner meals.
    He has trouble standing on his back legs which have got weaker and for the last two years he has been wearing a support harness so we can help him get up, but he is now too heavy for me to lift and even if my husband lifts him, it still doesn't seem what he wants and is still barking!!
    He is also incontinent during the day and just about manages a few steps outside in the morning for toilet and a few steps later in the afternoon when we make him go out and have a very little walk.
    He has kidney disease stage 2 and is on renal food to help which he does eat albeit much slower than usual.
    We don't know what to do to help him as obviously something is still troubling him - does anybody have any suggestions?
    Thank you
  2. sarah@forumHQ

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    Oct 1, 2018
    Hi Mais, welcome to the forum :)

    15 years is such a great age for a Lab, you've clearly cared for him very well and given him a wonderful life.

    My first thought was that at his age, it may be the onset of dementia - your vet can confirm or rule it out, and help plan coping strategies.

    Good luck, do let us know how your get on.
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  3. Edp

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    Mar 16, 2014
    I agree with Sarah, it could well be dementia and maybe a combination of his renal failure increasing. A call to your vet for a chat would be best. He is an amazing age, I hope he can settle soon.

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