16 week old puppy with swollen paws

Discussion in 'Labrador health' started by Kami Kern, Mar 25, 2020.

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    Hi all. Okay long post there-

    I have a friend who called me. He has a 16 week old yellow lab pup. A few weeks ago he stepped on his puppy's paw and took him to the vet where they prescribed pain meds and icing because nothing was broken. He said it was taking the swelling down nicely. Then 5 days later the puppy was lethargic in his kennel and wouldnt eat or really move much and all of his paws were swollen (not painful just swollen). Another vet trip and they referred him to a college vet clinic. He had to have an emergency neuter due to one not dropping and causing an infection. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? Breeder has been great about communicating with him about this and has had no issues with any puppies having this problem. The vet biopsied the paws and is calling other vet schools around to seek other opinions. I just wondered if anyone had ever heard of this?

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