3yr old Lab food and health issue

Discussion in 'Labrador behaviour' started by cybaxx, Apr 18, 2020.

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    Apr 5, 2020
    Hello everyone,

    hope you're doing great,

    I'm a new dog owner and last month, my wife and I recently adopted a 3-year-old Labrador.

    I had some queries about Burger, when we got him he was over-weight and the vet asked us to lower his weight by ~ 5Kg, which we started doing directly by:

    - cutting down the portions and mid-day snacks vs. what was given to him.
    - more walks, and exercises vs. what he previously had.

    However, 4 days ago - I took Burger on a run with me with some fetch activities as well next to our house.
    When we arrived back he was really exhausted and the next day I noticed some limping when walking.
    3 days later, the limping is still some times there - however, this is mainly when he stands up from laying down on the floor. (you won't notice it when we're' doing our daily short walks). Should we be worried? or is it a muscular spasm that we should just lay-low to?

    Above that, he hasn't been running to eat his dry food like he used to.
    Last night he did not eat and today morning he barely ate half his food.

    FYI - we feed him the "Royal Canin Labrador Retriever" dry food; with the on-going behavior changes I've ordered this morning a different brand to try and mix his food intake.

    Any different suggestions for both our problems?

    Thank you so much,
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    May 9, 2019
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    It sounds like he is in pain which might be why he is off his food. A Labrador not eating does ring alarm bells!
    Hopefully it is only muscular from the extra exercise but might be an underlying joint problem.
    Phone the vet and see what pain meds you can give. He probably needs an anti inflammatory. Also look at GoldenPaste which is turmeric based and you can make it yourself.
    If no improvement the vet may ask to see him but they tend to be only treating emergencies at the moment.
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    Mar 16, 2014
    Hello, as a runner who tends to overdo it...his symptoms could be delayed onset muscle soreness. Particularly if he ran and then lots of fetch. It could explain whilst he is ok moving, but after being still for a while he is stiff again. You should see me after a half marathon, I am ok pottering around but after sitting for a while I can hardly get up ! If it is that it should ease after a few days. However as @J.D suggests, he could have a bit of joint disease underneath and that could make it more painful and take longer. A call to your vet would be a good idea and some anti inflammatory medicine like Metacalm might help. They would probably do that without seeing him, in the first instance. That might explain why he’s not eating. I don’t think changing his food will make such a difference until you get to the bottom of his pain, healthy labs will pretty much eat anything in my experience. Let us know how you get on.
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    Jun 27, 2014
    I'd take the dog to a vet for a check-up. Yes, it could be an injury however it could also be other things, like tick diseases and such.

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