6 month lab puppy can’t sleep through the night

Discussion in 'Labrador Puppies' started by Britchick01, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. Britchick01

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    Jul 25, 2020
    Hi everyone

    Our puppy is just coming up to 6 months and she has been doing this for the past month or so. Some nights she can sleep through but most nights what she will do is this:
    - put her to bed at 10pm (We let her out for the toilet before bed)
    - she can wake up at 1am crying, we let her out with little fuss and she does go for a toilet
    -let her back in and she’s on her bed again settled
    - she then wakes up at 3am crying again. We have now learnt the sound of her cry she does it for attention so we leave her

    We believe it’s a phase she’s going through but has anyone else had this with their pup before?

    we have thought she might be hungry but we are feeding her last meal at 5pm with a couple treats on her walk to get her to reward her on “come” commands.
    We have tried playing the radio, weather is getting warmer in the UK so we have a little fan for her to keep her cool.

    Hoping this is a phase! Thank you :)
  2. Sukhpreet Aujla

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    Sep 4, 2019
    Try feeding a bit later, near 6 or 7pm and try keeping her awake until 11pm instead as it'll be a lot darker then. Around 10pm it can still be a little light on a clear night.
  3. Julesuk

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    May 12, 2020
    We use a black out blind in our utility room now as pup was getting confused when it started getting light. Now stays in bed until 7am when she goes to bed at 10pm
  4. Jo Laurens

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    Aug 25, 2018
    Jersey, Channel Islands
    I would just crate her next to your bed at night until this stops. Puppies crying are often crying because they are scared and feel alone. They are not going to start feeling safer if you just leave them.

    Secure attachment comes from a period of knowing the attachment object (owner) is available and present in a specific situation. Then the pup will feel safe being left in that situation.

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