9 week old lab pup, some advice please

Discussion in 'Labrador Puppies' started by Chris J, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Chris J

    Chris J Registered Users

    Oct 9, 2019
    Hello all. I’m a brand new member and if I could get some advice from some experienced lab pup owners, I think it would help immensely!

    Betty is 9 weeks and she came home from her breeder’s house on Sunday. We made the decision that we would not crate train her, but we set her up with a cosy bed in a very secure place in our kitchen and she has taken to her bed very well indeed.
    First night home, she whimpered a little bit it was so short and infrequent that I thought it odd. She settled well. Second night was similar to the first, although there was a period of crying and I came down to a wee wee on the puppy mat nearby.
    I have been putting her out to toilet at about 10.30pm, making night time toilet trips at 2.30am and again at 6.30am to give her chance to pee and she seems ok with this routine already. She has the radio on gently in the back ground.
    Then we come to night 3 where we woke to her properly crying and crying. We let it happen for as long as we could before my partner convinced himself that she may have got herself stuck or into trouble. We eventually came down to find she hadn’t pee’d or pooed anywhere. She was just being so loud. The radio had somehow switched itself off and she was sat by the door to the garden. Immediately I went out with her, didn’t speak, didn’t fuss and she pee’d. We came back in and I tried to settle her and creep out but she just won’t settle this time.
    Is she testing me?
    I know it’s only been 3 days and 3 nights she’s been home but she has been exceptionally calm and well behaved, so much so we wondered at one point about her hearing and vision! (They’re fine by the way).
    Do I just need to chill out? Do I need to have her beside my bed until she’s properly settled? Or do I need to persevere with my approach already?
    I’m so in love with her, she’s so precious and as such my protective nurturing side is yearning yet I’m fighting it so that she doesn’t learn bad habits.
    Any advice is going to be MOST welcome
  2. Edp

    Edp Registered Users

    Mar 16, 2014
    I think they all have a few quiet days and nights initially. Think it’s a bit of a shock leaving their family. Then they realise this is life and start find their voice and emotions. She’s not testing you , she’s just very young and probably a bit scared on her own. She’s not yet learnt to settle. There are so many views and opinions on how to manage that choice really is up to you. The only major consideration would be if you are sure she does not need to go out, only go back to her when she is quiet. Whether you have her beside your bed, on your bed, in a crate or not is personal choice.
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  3. Joy

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    Mar 22, 2014
    I've had three dogs from puppies and one adult rescue and they have all started out in my room next to my bed so that I could reassure them in the night. It doesn't mean they will sleep there for life, just for a few weeks while they settle and begin to feel more confident alone. Of mine the adult dog and first two puppies then slept downstairs for the rest of their lives while I've decided to let my current dog choose and she opts for downstairs in the summer and up with me in the winter.
    I think it makes sense to have a puppy nearby so you offer comfort, which they need just as much as toilet breaks - in fact all my puppies stopped needing nighttime toilet breaks within a few days (though I was willing to call 5.30am morning!)
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  4. Ruth Buckley

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    Jan 31, 2018
    Not testing you, but they do learn what works to get your attention so it's important to make sure their needs are met before they start to cry.
  5. Saffy/isla

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    Jun 1, 2018
    Hi and welcome, i completely agree with edp, your pup was part of a pack for the first weeks of her life and then suddenly taken away to a strange place and then all alone, she's not testing you,she's not used to being alone or to settling on her own.

    We've always had our puppies with us in our room at first until they are more confident. They usually decide themselves when they are ready to move, one of our girls always slept in the lounge when she was older.

    What works best for you and your pup is your choice. Good luck
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  6. Ski-Patroller

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    Feb 8, 2016
    Portland, Oregon & Mt Hood Oregon
    All of our dogs slept in the bedroom with us. We had a crate in the bedroom when they were pups, and dog beds when they got older. They generally preferred the Queen Sized Dog Bed, and that is where Cooper sleeps.

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