9 yo Lab grief advice

Discussion in 'Labrador Chat' started by Saychez, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Saychez

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    Aug 15, 2019
    Hello all,
    Thank you for reading and hopefully weighing in on my issue. George our 12 yo Black Lab died suddenly 2 weeks ago.(Stood up collapsed and died, healthy dog We were all in same area including Grace)

    Grace is 9 yo yellow lab, we adopted her as a 12 week old after we had George for about a year and a half.
    Grace has become despondent and hardly wags her tail. She wouldn’t eat for days until I added food she couldn’t refuse. Had her to vet, she healthy, nothing new. Trying to get her to even go out to pee is difficult.
    I was able to work her up to being alone, I had vacation days and after George died, I worked up leaving from 30 mins to 6.5 which makes about how longs shes left 3 days a week. Hubby and I are trying to think of anything to assist her.
    She is panicking when I come home squealing and running in circles until I can sit bag down to take her out and spend time with her. But after that wears off she’s back to flat affect.She is also having a bit of bad behavior since this as well soiled in house, got into trash, pulled a steak off the counter.
    We are giving as much attention as she seeming to want and some when she’s off by herself. We have been going and sitting back with her when she goes places like under kitchen table.
    Advice, stories, help? I am so eager to help her, Gracie is my girl. Love her so so much. Thank you so much for any kindness you may have ideas.
  2. 5labs

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    Mar 19, 2019
    North Yorkshire
    How awful for you all.
    It may just be a matter of giving her time to grieve.
    If she is stil really lonely in a few weeks could you look into fostering an older dog from a rescue centre?
  3. Saffy/isla

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    Jun 1, 2018
    Oh i am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful dog. It's heartbreaking isn't it ,such a difficult time for all of you.

    It's still very recent and Gracie must be very confused as her pal is missing. Maybe it's just a matter of time for her to adapt.

    Thinking of you and i hope things get better with Gracie
  4. Edp

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    Mar 16, 2014
    We had a Newfoundland that went downhill when his Newfie pal died. He was depressed and miserable. I had never seen bereavement in a dog before, but it was real. In the end we got a new pup, I really believed it saved him. They were best buddies from the outset and his mood lifted instantly. We had him PTS at 13, which is super old for his breed, but I really believe that without his malamute buddy he would not have lasted so long. Perhaps you could look at new pal, foster, borrow or acquire for Grace. Interesting the malamute did not react the same when he was on his own and adjusted easily. They are all different.

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