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Discussion in 'Labrador behaviour' started by Mandy Krautkramer, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. Mandy Krautkramer

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    Feb 19, 2019
    My almost 2 year old, female yellow lab got fixed shortly after she turned 1 year old. Since then, she seems to bark and growl anytime a man comes over to our house. She does this with men she has never met before, but also ones that she knew prior to her surgery. She is comfortable with some men but most men who come to our house, she now growls at.
    A little more info- I moved from a farm where she could run around with my other dog to a small town where she now stays inside while my boyfriend (who the dog loves) and I are at work and she is now the only dog in the house.
    What can I do to help her?
  2. Keithmac

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    Jun 3, 2018
    Our female lab is "funny" around men she doesn't know and her mum is too, must have been passed down in the genes?.
  3. Michael A Brooks

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    May 26, 2018
    Blackmans Bay, Australia
    Hi @Mandy Krautkramer and @Keithmac

    I would try Look at That training training. Read the folder and watch in particular the video. It's an excellent teaching vehicle. Practise the skill at home. Then use it initially all the time when your dog sees males of the species. Since there are many males in the population you will eventually move to not saying Look and rewarding each and every encounter--we don't want the dog to spend her entire life turning towards you when she sees a male. But that could be a long way off. We have to change her disposition.
  4. WillowA

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    Nov 21, 2018
    My Springer used to be growley with some people who came to the house but not others.
    She would always growl at my friend so I got the friend to give her a treat every time she came in.
    It worked the dog was best friends after this.
  5. Lucius Maximus

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    May 29, 2018
    My boy had serious issues with this when he turned 4 months he started getting growly, even lunging at men (and some women). I took him out into busy places often after this, starting off with a town or market place when it wasnt so busy and gradually building him up to more people. Pet shops are another place we spent time in, basically anywhere I could take him where there were a lot of people. It took a good few months but eventually he began to see people as part of his daily life and he found people werent there to hurt him. (He was from a backyard breeder which we think is why he's so anxious) He's 4 in april and I'm pleased to say the only barking he seems to do is when he's over excited to see the vet! I'd give this a try, bring some of her favourite toys/treats to make it a fun experience too!

    [​IMG] I took him to college with me and he really seemed to enjoy it!
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