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    Many people will have problems with their Labrador's behaviour at one point or another. These can usually be overcome with information, patience and a little support from your forum friends! Here are some of the most common problems dealt with on the main site:

    Fears and Phobias
    • [li] including seperation anxiety, fireworks, swimming and socialising an adult dog [/li]

    Over Excitement
    • [li] when excitement causes issues such as barging, knocking over and jumping up [/li]

    Coping with Naughtiness
    • [li] how to combat naughty behaviour, through planning and training [/li]

    Resource guarding/growling over food
    • [li] including the vital stages to follow to stop your dog growling [/li]

    • [li] including shaping, accurate timing and using an event marker [/li]

    • [li] looking at shared living space, restricting access and expectations of behaviour[/li]

    • [li] including redirection and the use of crating [/li]

    • [li] including barking at passersby, and how to solve the noise issue[/li]

    Inappropriate eating is another frequent issue for Labrador owners, we look at two of the most common areas below:


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