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Discussion in 'Labrador behaviour' started by Jen & Tiber, Aug 1, 2022.

  1. Jen & Tiber

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    May 28, 2022
    Tiber is a very good and sweet 8 month old. Since we've had him at 13 weeks he's been allowed to go on the couch which hasn't been an issue. When we took his crate away at 6 months, even though he has a dog bed that he likes, he sleeps on the couch all night (we have a motion camera on) but because the end of the crate went so incredibly well it wasn't a problem.
    We're now wondering if he can be trained not to go on the couch when people are sitting on it?
    Yesterday we had guests, one of whom is very wary of dogs and also has allergies, Tiber was constantly trying to get up on the couch to sit with them, it was such a pain. 'Off`, `Down', `Bed` worked but seconds later he was trying again.
    He's at the teenage phase so maybe that's why he was so persistant but it was a pain and he's now so big and strong!
    Any thoughts on this would be welcome
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    May 9, 2019
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    The trouble is it’s not just a couch he goes on occasionally with you but his bed if he sleeps there at night time. Do you have another room he could sleep in with his own bed?

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