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  1. Digs Mom

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    Jul 21, 2020
    Northern Virginia
    My poor boy is still not interested in food. Yesterday I tried a boiled hot dog, cut it up small, and he actually took a bite, I was so excited that I made him 2 more, and he ate them.
    The downside I did not think of is the salt content in hot dogs which made him drink alot all day, he went out at
    9pm and we went to bed. Awoke at 4am as usual to get hubbys coffee and lunch ready...Digger sleeps with us, and had wet the bed.
    I'm now boiling chicken, hopefully he will eat some of it.
    He is still lethargic and blah, but on a good note his eye looks better.

    Digs Mom
  2. Christina2807

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    Jul 3, 2019
    Glad to hear digger is starting to improve!
    Have you tried some sardines or scrambled egg?

    Although he had an accident least he had something to eat and a wet bed is easy to clean up!
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  3. J.D

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    May 9, 2019
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    Hi Sher
    Glad to hear the eye is looking better. Maybe that’s him on the road to recovery and his appetite will come back. Have you tried tinned food like, dare I say Chappie. Not something you would feed long term but they seem to like the smell.
    Toby lost 3kg when he was on chemo. He went from 30kg to 27kg in a short space of time. Whilst 27kg is ideal for some labs he was positively skinny and you could see his ribs. Thankfully once he was off the meds he put the weight back on. As long as he is drinking I wouldn’t worry too much yet. Still early days.
    Also his energy levels will pick back up when he starts eating properly again.

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