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    Nov 28, 2021
    We are just back from our weight and worm check with Gamma. She is 5 1/2 month old and 21.5kg. She is on the good size of normal weight wise and the vet is happy with that as long as she doesn’t gain any excess.
    She was advising us that this is a key period for risks of OCD in her joints and to make sure she doesn’t over exercise and lead walks only from now until about 9 months.
    I have poor mobility so walk quite slowly, Gamma tends to lope about round about me generally off lead. We live in the country and generally just walk her in the fields round about off lead. Obviously we will spend the next 3 months or so making sure there are no strenuous or boisterous activities ( she will miss her short games of fetch… she likes me to throw the ball then fetch it for her and her mad zoomie sessions ) but I wondered if anyone had any experience or thoughts on whether 3 to 4 short off lead walks of less than a mile a day would be ok. This is slightly less than she generally gets and 99% of her walks are off lead.

    The vet has no concerns that she is suffering and wasn’t concerned about the exercise she has had just said to watch her weight and exercise but looking for others experience

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