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Discussion in 'Behavioural science and dog training philosophy' started by Snowshoe, Oct 25, 2015.

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    Sep 5, 2015
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    Have you heard of this? Oban and I finished the assessment games this afternoon, he's a Renaissance Dog. We got a 14 page profile that is very interesting, surprising in some areas and what I suspected in others. It was fun to do and it contributes to science as well, being a Citizen Science project.

    You will see how to sign up if you explore at my first link but I actually went through Duke University. The university course is online, free, and it gives you the first two assessment games for free. Then if you want to continue the games you get a break on the price on the rest of them. ‚Äč You do not have to do the dognition assessment games if the university course is your main interest, or buy the book he pushes. I signed up for all of it though, what the heck, it's interesting, fun, helps scienfitific research and will most likely help me understand how to tailor my own dog's training.

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