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    Sep 20, 2020
    Hi fellow lab owners,
    We have a 19 week old lab bitch who is doing well. However, she still wakes every night for a toilet break. She goes to bed in the utility room about 11pm after last toilet break. Sleeps til somewhere between 4-5 & then cries to go out - she usually does a wee & a poo but only after meandering around the garden, never seems desperate. We don’t make any fuss of her. She will then generally go back to sleep for an hour before yipping to start the day. All the other pups in her litter have slept through from 12 weeks! Is there anything we can do or is this to be expected? Have a child in the house that we don’t really want woken if we leave her to cry. Thank you.
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    Oct 14, 2013
    Your pup sounds like she's doing really well! Six hours isn't too bad for 19 weeks old, you just need to stretch out those mornings a bit.

    Take a look at the Early Rise Technique in this article, it should really work in this situation.

    You'll need to wake up frustratingly early for a few days to crack it, but it's a solid tried and tested method that should in the longer term fix things so that your mornings don't feel quite so anti social :)
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