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Discussion in 'Senior Labradors' started by mom2labs, Oct 19, 2018.

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    May 30, 2018
    I'm having a really difficult time with finding the right food for our 11 year old black lab. Years ago we had to switch him to a grain free diet due to repeated severe ear infections. Everything was fine for a long time on the food he was on. Then the beginning of the year he started having diarrhea all the time and foul gas, he was already on pro biotics so we took him to the doctor and we started ruling things out and it appears he can't have chicken, turkey, beef, salmon or duck all of them didn't help. So we tried lamb and sweet potato made by Merrick, everything was great no issues for 7 months, THEN Merrick decided to change the formula from sweet potato to chickpeas. Didn't think that it would make a difference but it has, he doesn't have diarrhea but he has foul gas and he seems to poop way more. We give him pumpkin and probiotics but he seems to have it some. So my question is with all of this information does anyone have any idea of a brand I can feed him that would be could for all of his issues? I was thinking the Wellness simple lamb and oatmeal but I'm worried about the oatmeal being a grain, but I've read a lot of information that it's good for allergies any opinions? thanks
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    Aug 7, 2018
    Are you in the Usa? If so, Check out Victor Pet Food. They have a lot of different formulas.
    I did some research and they are a privately owned company with their own manufacturing plant. I'm going to switch my dogs to Victor. It looks like great food.

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