Fixing a bad puppy training experience

Discussion in 'Behavioural science and dog training philosophy' started by PauljuS, Jan 9, 2021.

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    Jan 9, 2021
    Hi everyone. First post here. 14wk pup, Kai, hes gold. Some reassurance wanted. So today I gave him a leg wash with a 'mud daddy' portable washer..he's not fond of washing like many pups I'm told. Anyway, I held him by harness and forced it..which he coped with. But ran away and as I tried to coax him back..without using his recall word..I used a lap slap "here boy". Anyway.. did a lap slap here boy in the house and he HATED it barked a lot at a no no no.

    Anyway I realised I've made a negative associated experience so got a few treats and did the action and praised but is still off with coming to me that way.

    I'm gunna just leave it a few days to reset and work on positive association.. then in a week or so do some slow slow washing training keep it a happy experience..

    Any advice or doing the right thing?
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    Hi there, welcome to the forum :)

    It sounds like you've pretty much understood what's happened, and how to fix it going forwards.

    Cues like the recall command work because we make them a positive experience for our dogs. Kai was smart enough to cotton on that responding to his recall cue might be a negative experience that time.

    Luckily you're right - by reintroducing washing verrrrrrrry gradually, with lots of rewards, you can change how he feels about it in the long term. So that eventually he'll put up with a paw wash in happy anticipation of the treat he'll get later.

    You might also find these puppy recall resources helpful. Good luck!

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