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    If you have photos that are showing up on the forum sideways, or upside-down, there's a good reason for this. It's because that's the way round you were holding your camera or device when you took it! Most devices and computers etc are clever enough to read the data on the photo and automatically display it the right way round for you, but the file is actually still upside-down or on its side. So, when you upload it to the forum, it displays the way round that you took it, rather than how you want it to show.

    This is confusing, because it shows "properly" everywhere except the forum!

    There is a quick and easy fix, and that is to force it to save the way round you want it displayed. So, just rotate the photo all the way around with the editing tools on your device, and then click save. It will still look exactly the same on your device, but when you upload it, it will now display the right way up.
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    thank you ..i will give it a go...

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