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How long should I wait before getting a second Lab?

  1. Two years

  2. One year

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  1. Deboragh

    Deboragh Registered Users

    Jan 29, 2018
    Hi I'm wondering how do my puppy should be before getting a second dog.
  2. Sarge Brown

    Sarge Brown Registered Users

    Feb 14, 2019
    Hi Deborah, I have almost always had two dogs. Mostly I have waited for my “puppy” to be somewhere between 2-4 years old before introducing another “puppy” into the mix. It has depended upon the nature, maturity, and training of the first pup, and the type of breed of the new pup I want to bring in. For example I my Golden Retriever was 2.5 when I brought Sarge into the family. But my Golden has all the wonderful tendencies of that breed. Sweet, patient, kind, confident....had he been needy rowdy and pushy, I would have waited until he matured a bit more.
  3. CamK

    CamK Registered Users

    Feb 9, 2017
    Minnesota, USA
    Ideally two years or so but sometimes we fall in love...

    Our breeders wait time was 2 years plus (we had a year old black and a 15 year old chocolate) when we put our name on the list. Fudge had some issues and we thought it would be any day that she would pass. She kept going for another year and the breeder put us up on the list. We had 3 dogs in January.

    Long story but it all worked. Though I would not suggest it if you are still working or do not have multiple people able to help with care and training.
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