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    Jun 28, 2020
    Hi all! I have a question regarding a new issue with Titan. He is now 7 months old. He is still very sweet and obedient for the most part, but he has started growling when I ask him to do things he doesn’t like, such as when I ask him to go to bed in his crate, or to get off the couch.

    I should clarify that he doesn’t growl unless you actually approach him and reach for his collar or attempt to pick him up (which we don’t do much anymore as he is over 70lbs). However the growling is beginning to concern me. He shows his teeth and snaps, although he does not actually bite down if he makes contact. He has very good bite inhibition. But, it is intimidating as he is now quite large, and especially having children around. Thankfully my boys know better than to try to pull him by the collar but I do not want this behavior to escalate.

    As far as his crate, he has no issues with it. He sleeps in it every night and takes his naps in it without whining or barking. He just wants to go in on HIS terms I guess.

    I have been handling the situation by working more with him in going into his crate on command and practicing “off” the couch without touching him. I have also been grabbing his collar randomly and walking him towards the crate and giving him a treat or praise when he doesn’t growl.

    So my two questions are:
    1. Is this normal adolescent behavior or something I should be concerned about?
    2. Is the way I’m handling this ok or should I seek professional help?

    Also, he is now off his leash (for the last month) in the house and does very well with boundaries (except he loves getting on the couch which he knows is not allowed). Should he go back on the leash until this behavior is corrected?

    Thanks for reading!!
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    You should be focussed on ensuring he WANTS to do these things. That means - using treats. Lure him off the couch with a treat, click when he gets off and give him a treat. Conflict is unnecessary and you're not going to be on the winning side when the other side is huge and has teeth, so really don't push him into that place. Work on teaching him that he WANTS to cooperate with you...

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