Hair, hair everywhere!

Discussion in 'Labrador Chat' started by Susan L, Jul 12, 2021.

  1. Susan L

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    Nov 21, 2020
    Bedfordshire, UK
    Our 10 month old black lab has falling hair everywhere she walks and lies. I've tried brushing her with the Ferminator once a week, plus another brush but my floors are just covered. Other than this she is healthy, her coat is super shiny and she gets a high protein diet and salmon oil daily.

    I wondered if she was losing her puppy coat, its mid season in UK so she should have lost her winter coat by now. I'd be grateful for advice from your experience? Is there something else I could try? Thanks.
  2. 5labs

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    Mar 19, 2019
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    Labradors only moult twice a year; for 6 months in spring, and for 6 months in autumn :D
    Sorry, not helpful, but labs do moult a lot. Good quality food and daily brushing will reduce it somewhat.

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