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Discussion in 'Labrador Chat' started by paul bignell, Aug 4, 2019.

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    Aug 4, 2019
    Hi Guys
    1st April 2005, travelled from Dunfermline(Scotland) too Carmarthen(Wales) "Many Tears Rescue"(I had put in a search for Labrador puppies) and the search came up for these 3 puppies at the rescue centre. I remember taking my laptop up stairs and waking my wife Maxine and showing her the pictures of these lab pups saying are you ready and up for another addition to our family. Needless to say we phoned and booked our arrival and the rescue centre were fantastic and held all 3 pups for the 2 days until we got there. Upon arrival it was great to see the fantastic work these people do and we got directed to a massive enclosed sand pit. My wife and I stood waiting and all of a sudden 3 bouncing lab pups (approx 5 months old) came bouncing into the sand pit and what an eye opnener (we came down for one lol) I could not choose and told Maxine lets take all 3 (the look was enough) lol, I left the sand pit and Maxine came out walking (Dumpling) as was his rescue name, we then took charge of Rooney(Dumpling), but another twist to the tail we were asked too bring a German shepherd too Scotland as well (Which we didn't know about on going down) anyway I digress so we had a 5 month old lab in a big cage on the back seat and a German shepherd in the boot!!! the German shepherd was so scared of everything and I remember when we got to the rescue centre in kettles wood Scotland I spent a hour with her and she eventually ate and drank (she had an op on her hips) so really shouldn't have been moved but their was a home waiting for her) I digress again. All this time Rooney was still in his cage on the back seat and really looking bewildered ) we eventually reached his home and I couldn't get him out of his cage from the backseat so I had to reach inland pull him out nightamare for the first 6 months with left alone issues (we later found out his early upbringing) which I won't mention, anyway unfortunately last Sunday I lost Rooney and I miss him so much (everything I did around the house and garage he was always there) the hardest yet best decision I ever made
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    Oct 1, 2018
    I'm so sorry for your loss, our dogs leave a massive hole in our lives when they go.
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    Jun 1, 2018
    Hi so sorry for the loss of your lovely boy. Thinking of you and your family

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