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    Aug 23, 2019
    Hello everyone, although I have joined the forum, I have to admit I don’t have a Lab at the moment. I have had two black Labs in the past but unfortunately they both passed a few years ago. I currently have two dogs, a twelve year old German Shepherd/Saluki mix called Loki who still enjoys walks but generally just likes lying around. Our young boy is called Bear and is a Caucasian Shepherd/German Shepherd mix who is 11 months old. Basically, he’s huge, think King or Shiloh Shepherd, which is why I joined this forum. He has a lovely character, very friendly and just wants to play all the time. Like a Lab, his absolute favourite thing in the world is swimming. He still has the brain of a puppy but obviously, to a stranger, he doesn’t look like one. He has pretty much mastered the basic commands, sit, down, drop, speak and stay but what I need is a very strong recall. Imagine walking down the beach and he comes bounding up to say hello, it can be pretty terrifying to strangers. To this end, I have started on Pippa’s Total Recall program. I am trying to follow the program to the letter but occasionally there may be things I would like to discuss with others who are following the same program. Once again, very nice to meet you all and I hope it’s okay that my dog is not a Lab.


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