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    Hi! We're having another boy! He arrives November 16th! I have had 2 black labs--Cooper passed away in May, 2012 from cancer; he was 7 1/2. In December, 2012 we got Roscoe. At first, I told myself that I wouldn't get attached because I didn't want to go through the pain of losing him, but he wiggled his way right into my heart and I love him dearly! He turned 7 October 18th. I've never had 2 dogs at once, but I'm hoping that the puppy will keep Roscoe "young" and that Roscoe will help teach the puppy when it comes to training. We have the name Maui picked out, but I want to wait and see the pup's personality before making the final decision. Any suggestions or tips for having two dogs is greatly appreciated! :)
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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations! Lots of our members have experience introducing older Labs to new puppies - it seems the only thing better than one Lab is two Labs!

    Do try starting another thread with your question in the title - that way they people who know the answer will be able to see that it's them you need!
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    Hi and welcome from me and my chocolate lab Isla and congratulations on your new arrival!

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