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    Oct 11, 2019
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    Hero is a fox red from working lines now approaching 6 months. We got him at 9 weeks. He is so intelligent and once we passed the terror tot start, all the basics we had worked on clicked into place and he has developed his training to more diffictdifficult levels. His recall is proving good when off leash - think it may be due to the bag of really stinky treats I always carry lol. He loves them not so much me when I end up stinking of fish, etc but heyho it works thanks to tips from the forum and Labrador Site. He has learned his magic word which have only had to use once so far....but his favourite activity after his walks is far and away nose training. We've now upped his difficulty to find things well hidden and tiny bits of smelly treat in long grass. It's fascinating to watch his concentration and how pleased he is when he finds them. He's a cheeky little devil tho and the funniest thing which I really have to stop laughing at and do something about, is when he pinches OHs slipper or shoe. He is so proud of himself and struts around with his tail up, ears up and it is just so funny. Will work on this but hey don't want to dent his pride straight off. We've been through the exhaustion, the near tears, the wondering if we could do this but my super boy is proving that no matter how hard it has been, it is all worth it. Here's to more training and having fun with our gorgeous little monkey
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    Hi, it was so good to read all about your lovely boy and what great positives in your post.

    Hero sounds like he is maturing beautifully. They are worth all the hard work aren't they. Carry on doing what you have been.
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