Horrible Habits: Labradors that eat rubbish

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    May 10, 2011
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    Re: Horrible Habits: Labradors that eat rubbish

    Interesting to know about the 2 categories.....my 2 year old definately falls into the first ...organic materials ....left to himself he'd eat anything disgusting he finds along his walk....He' s improved with age and training...but can still lapse if he's allowed to stray too far away and I don't get a sharp ' Leave it' in before he's got interested ::)
    Dexter chewed stones as a pup but never swallowed any to my knowledge...he will sometimes regress and pick one up from a lot in the garden gently and secretively and carry it inside quietly in his mouth pretending he hasn't got it... ;D
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    Mar 29, 2014
    Re: Horrible Habits: Labradors that eat rubbish

    If Tatze can get her paws on dog walking equipment - leads, collars, harnesses - she eats them. On one occasion she ate a lead whole!
    :-\ She has also eaten three harnesses (which she ate off herself in the car) and a collar, which all came up one end or the other, eventually. She threw one up after ten days!

    Anything else is left alone - washing, toys, beds etc etc.

    If she finds a manky dead animal she will always swap it for a treat.

    So what caused this eating of dog walking equipment I'll never know - but I am super vigilant now - and have to watch her with Gypsy's collar too, as she's been caught having a nifty nibble once or twice ::) Gypsy is supposed to have her collar on at all times unless in a crate, but I tend to break that rule at home quite a lot.

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