How To Start A New Topic (Thread) Or Ask A Question

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    Topics are called threads on the forum and if you want to ask a question, say hello, or start a discussion on a topic that interests you, then you'll need to start a new thread

    First Choose A Board

    To start a thread you need to be on one of the forum boards (here is a list of them). We have boards on many different topics including the popular

    If you can't find a relevant board just choose Dog Chat

    You'll find the forum boards list on our home page. Choose the board that interests you and click on it.

    Let's use Puppies as our example. When you click on the Puppies Board you'll see a list of threads. The top few threads are orange - these are stickies and stay pinned at the top of the board. They are threads that are particularly useful or popular.


    Most threads are blue and are moved down as new threads are posted. If a thread has a bold title, it means you haven't read it yet!

    How to start a new thread

    To start a thread on a new topic you'll need to click on the light blue 'Post New Thread' button


    You'll find one Post New Thread button near the top of your screen, above the list of threads, like this:


    And if you scroll right down, you'll find another Post New Thread button at the bottom of the list of threads, like this:


    A "Create Thread" box like the one pictured below will open once you have pressed the Post New Thread button.


    You can enter your new Thread Title and Content and you can also choose to watch the thread and/or receive email notifications when someone responds

    We recommend you use the 'preview' function to check spellings etc. before pressing 'create thread' You can edit your post for up to five minutes after publishing.
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