Is this Senior dog behavior?

Discussion in 'Senior Labradors' started by gvr, Feb 19, 2021 at 8:46 PM.

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    I have a 9 1/2 year old chocolate who has recently started some unusual behavior. He can no longer load up in the back of the truck or side by side on his own. I reached to try and help him up about two weeks ago and he snap at my wrist. He realized immediately what he had done and let go and did not hurt me but it startled us both. Fast forward to today. This week has been a shock for Texans as we have been snowed in and had extremely low temps. My boy has been an inside and outside dog his whole life. He knows how to behave wherever he is. He has been in the house most all week because of the cold and just lays around and sleeps most all day and night. Today my 17 year old daughter said that we was laying in her room and she was petting his side and he suddenly snapped at her forearm and let go. She screamed and said it hurt but it didn't break the skin. She is fine, but we are concerned about this behavior in our boy. Why has he started doing this? Could it be his age?
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    First, I am so sorry about what is happening in Texas. I am hopeful that things will be resolved soon. Regarding your dog suddenly snapping, i am wondering if he is in pain and therefore is reacting. I would recommend a follow up with your vet to make sure that everything is ok. Good luck!
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    I would take the dog to the vet. Have his hips/joints checked out. We had a black lab until we had to put her down at 12 years old. She would groan if I would pet certain spots on her legs and hips. I actually found some dog CBD for her pain and glucosamine for her joints, and i believe it helped her a lot that last year of her life. I wish I would have started the glucosamine earlier honestly.
    The cold weather could have an impact on his pain also since he is not used to it. But definitely would have a vet check him out to make sure.

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